Remote Peering




OMAN-IX remote peering is a scenario within an Internet Exchange without a physical presence. Customers can reach desired Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) via OMAN-IX's robust infrastructure and Internet Exchange platform, eliminating the need for additional investment in connectivity.


How it works?


As a Remote Peering Provider, OMAN-IX enables customers to access an exchange point over its infrastructure through configuration. Members with an active port on OMAN-IX can define a Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) for peering with Remote Internet Exchange members.



Benefits of Remote Peering with OMAN-IX:


-        Bundled Connectivity and Transport Solution under a Single Contract.

-        Access to a Global Pool of Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) Members.

-        Lowest Guaranteed Latencies with Greater Security and Visibility.

-        Possibility for Split Bandwidth Across Multiple Geographic Locations.






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