How to Connect?

OMAN-IX has a presence in EQUINIX MC1 (Tier III Datacenter). By collocating in EQUINIX MC1, customers can connect directly to OMAN-IX.


Connection procedure:


1)     Customer provides an ASN (Autonomous System Number) registered to the customer's legal entity.

2)     Customer selects desired port speed (1G, 10G, 100G).

3)     Customer selects desired service type (Internet Peering, etc.).

4)     Customer completes an application form to get access to OMAN-IX portal.

5)     Customer signs a Cross-Connect agreement with EQUINIX MC1.

6)     OMAN-IX provides the customer with the demarcation/assignment details of the requested connection.

7)     OMAN-IX provides the customer with the required IP address and instructions to configure customer equipment correctly.

8)     Customer contacts OMAN-IX NOC team ( upon completing the required configuration.

9)     OMAN-IX NOC team helps and supports the customer to test the connection and bring it into production.



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